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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Wanna Know Your Cyborg Name?

Here is another silly site: Cyborg Name Generator. It changes your name into a cyborg acronym.

Here is mine:

Biomechanical Robotic Individual Trained for Troubleshooting

Get Your Cyborg Name

I WILL take over the world!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Wonderful Weekend!

Had a super long weekend. Friday it poured, with thunder and lightening, and part of Saturday. But by mid Saturday it cleared up and was in the high twenties for the rest of the weekend.

Went to the Victoria Day celebrations at Queen's Park on Monday. Started out watching the "The Ancient and Honourable Hyack Anvil Battery" at the Queen's Park stadium. This is a 21-gun salute to the monarch, but instead of using guns, or a cannon, they put black powder in between two anvils (bottom one 350 pounds, top one 150 pounds) and then light the powder with a red hot rod. The whole thing explodes with an incredible bang (Very, very, loud!). Repeat 21 times.

After that we went over to the fair. Lots of kiddy rides, dog agility show, junk food, petting zoo and water park. Good donairs, great lemonade. We took Brat (La Wiener) to see the dog show, she was fascinated with the whole thing and wanted to join in. She's 4 months's old now and up to a fantastic 8 pounds. Want's to play with everyone of course, but still just our baby.

Spent the rest of Monday lazing on the front porch and eating ribs.

May sound pedestrian, but it don't get much better.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Staff Elevator - Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

The central library is a 9 floor building, 7 for the library and 2 leased out to the government. There are 2 public elevators in the library, 2 staff / public elevators to the leased offices on 8 and 9 and (wait for it) 1 (one!) elevator for library staff. There must be at least 4-500 hundred people that work in this library, and we make do with one elevator.

It's also the freight elevator.

And our cleaning staff and security use our elevator to go to 8 and 9.


I know what you are saying "oh boo hoo, use the public elevators" Bite me, I'm too lazy. And we can't take food into the public elevator.

Take the stairs you say. Ha ha ha ha, you made a funny.

The stupid thing breaks down all the time too. Its most popular trick is to stop about a foot above a floor and open the doors halfway. I find jumping up and down helpful.

And people get stuck. A few years ago I spent 2 fascinating hours in there with nothing to read. Fun.

And because it's servicing 7 floors (oh, and the parking garage, so make that 8) the average waiting time is about 5 minutes, double if you are in a hurry.

Please keep in mind that this building is only 10 years old.

About the only thing I miss about the old library is the 2nd elevator.

And the balcony.