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Sunday, November 25, 2007


I. Do. Not. Like. Fruitcake!

But then, who does?

It surprises me that there is still a viable market for fruitcake. A Google search brings up about 207,000 hits for fruitcake, and not one of the hits on the first page is negative. In fact one of the links is the pro-fruitcake Society for the Protection and Preservation of Fruitcake.


I was perusing the newest videos at Will It Blend when I found this one:

[Will It Blend? - Holiday Hassles]

The fruitcake makes quite the mess.

This video is actually just a glorified ad for Bill Me Later and its subsite Operation Fruitcake

Operation Fruitcake doesn't have a lot of material yet, but it looks promising. Only 3 videos up so far. I like this one:

[Operation Fruitcake - Incinerator]

Just out of curiosity I Googled I hate fruitcake and came up with 266,000 hits. However on closer inspection there seems to be a lot of sites along the line of fruitcake for people who hate fruitcake

Here is a genuine fruitcake hater - bless him!

The I Hate Fruitcake Hate Page

While conducting my in-depth reserch for this post I ran across the videos of Marie Rudisill, "Ask the Fruitcake Lady" from the Tonight Show.

I had forgotten about her videos. Here's a classic:

[This LADY loved CAKE and FRUIT]

And to finish, an anti-fruitcake classic:

[Grandma's Killer Fruitcake]

And btw. A YouTube search for fruitcake gets you 694 results.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Colbert Vs. Daily Show...

The writers for The Colbert Report and The Daily Show have not been sitting on their asses during the WGA strike.... Well, actually they have been sitting on their asses, but they've been entertaining and educating us at the same time.

Have a look at these two amusing and informing videos:

From the Daily Show writers:

And from the Colbert Report writers:

Both videos found on the United Hollywood site.

Btw - I wonder if Vancouver's own Judy Rogers has seen the pic @ the top of this page. Maybe she could become pals with Moonves and hope for some trickle down.

Speaking of Moonves, or more specifically his wife Julie Chen. It looks like CBS may bring back Big Brother a bit early to cover their butts during the strike. Isn't it handy when the show's host is married to the network president?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bye, Bye Bookmarks....

For those of you that used my old homepage @ (The one that looked like this)

you're going to have to find another reason for living.

That page is now dead and will automaticaly redirect you here. I've started a account and all my bookmarks will live there from now on...

All 505 of them!

Between my home machine, work machine and the above mentioned website, I was getting sick of trying to keep everything up-to-date.

If you miss them, I'm really, really sorry! [end sarcasm] but I'm not spending all that time on my bookmarks.

There is a permanent link to my bookmarks in the navigation bar above.

Let's see, anything else to report?

Hey look! A baby dachshund!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Anything New on TV?

Well there may not be anything new come the new year.

The Writers Guild of America went on strike last week.

About the guild:

"We are the Writers Guild of America, west (WGAw), a labor union composed of the thousands of writers who write the television shows, movies, news programs, documentaries, animation, CD-ROMs, and content for new-media technologies that keep audiences constantly entertained and informed."
From "Who We Are"

So this strike will put on hold pretty well all the American shows that you are currently enjoying, including news programming.

I found this handy chart that lists many of the network shows and how many episodes they have in the can:

LA Times T.V. Grid

So this could potentially really suck depending on how long it drags on. But having been on strike myself recently (in case you were unaware), I wanted to know a bit more about what the writers are fighting for.

I think this video pretty well explains it all:

Unfortunately it looks like SAG members will not bet able to fully participate in the strike if they wish. Although they will be doing some picketing some members are restricted by this clause:

"If you are contracted to work on a television series or motion picture that continues to produce while the WGA is on strike, you are obligated by your personal service agreement and the “No Strike” clause in our collective bargaining agreements to go to work."
From the "picketing" link above.

I guess it's ultimately up to each individual if they want to cross any of these many picket lines.

The United Hollywood site is probably the best site I've found so far to read about how to help, what the issues are, and other related material. You can also sign This petition.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Think My Brain Just Melted!

Under the heading of things I never thought I would see!

Click on the image for all the "fun" details

And it's playing in Vancouver:

Pickled Productions presents Debbie Does Dallas

Here is a promo from the L.A. run of the show. Make sure you have a bottle of bleach handy after you watch it (Pretty well safe for work)

And for the 4 of you who have never heard of it. Here's the Movie reference

Dear god I'm never writing about porn again

Saturday, November 03, 2007

100 to 1


The title basically says it all. Shows clips from 100 movies counting down from 100 to 1. See how many you know.

I love the onscreen note:

"My sincere thanks to every person who's ever been involved with making movies...

... especially the studios.

Please don't sue me"

And if you want to know what all the movies are, here is the entire list

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hollywood Librarian

CUPE 391 presents a special showing of the Hollywood Librarian this Saturday, November 3rd. There are two shows (6:30 & 9) at the Rio Theatre. Admission is by donation.

A quote from the film website:

"Ann Seidl's 'The Hollywood Librarian' is an engaging, often humorous look at the disparity between the simplistic depictions of bun-wearing, finger-shushing, spinster librarians served up in Hollywood feature films and the far more complex reality of today's savvy information navigators—of both genders, with or without tattoos and/or piercings."

Randy Pitman
Video Librarian Magazine

And here is the trailer:

All the details about this Saturdays show can be found here