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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Feeling Better Thanks!

Cold is just about gone. It's been the mundaneness of everyday life that has kept me from writing, not illness.

Let's see, what happened this week?

Monday - Nothing

Tuesday - Tripping the Rift. Episode sucked the big one. Guest star - (drum roll please) Emmanuel Lewis of Webster fame. Wow, they don't come more famous than that

Also dinner at Burger Heaven. Yummy as usual. For those who have never eaten there. Burger Heaven does a fun thing during elections. They create a burger for each candidate and you vote with your order. Best (and tastiest) poll around.

Wednesday - Nothing. Taped West Wing and Kingdom Hospital to watch this weekend.

No great Sun Run pictures this year. This is as good as it gets. I'm in the grey sweatshirt. Just behind the guy pushing the baby buggy. (Note: Pictures not available anymore for 2004)

Sorry Fleet Feet Photos. But the 2003 pictures were better...

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I Am Tweety....

Here's a silly little quiz that tells you what cartoon character you are. Seems that I am Tweety.

Nothing else today. I'm down with a cold and moping - what a waste of a weekend.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

And Today....

Today I hurt. Not as bad as yesterday mind you. But you CAN"T make me walk!

Yesterday it felt like someone had removed my hip bones, poked them with a sharp stick for an hour or two and then replaced them without painkillers.

I go through this every year. But I don't mind, it makes me feel better for the other 364 days when I'm sitting on my ass.

Fun facts and figures

Participants: 48,640 people.

My time: 124:03:00 (2 hours 4 minutes and change. about what I figured)

My placement: 37134 overall. 21383 for women. 2373 in age group.

Bad picture coming soon....

Sunday, April 18, 2004

How Tired Am I?

Not very actually. Participated in my 4th Vancouver Sun Run today. Of course being in the fine shape that I am, I walked it. Except for a sore hip (old age!) not too much damage this year. Last year it poured for most of the race and I was a mess…


Shitty finishing time this year, stopped off for a loo break that put me 5 minutes over last years time. Of course until I see the paper tomorrow I won’t know my official time, but I think I clocked in at aprox 2 hours 5 minutes.

But the post walk healthy fitness snack at The Met (Shrimp Benedict) was lovely!


2007 update: The Met's site seems to be dead although the hotel is still there. Also, the pub now sucks!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Wiener Love ♥♥♥

I had it pointed out to me today that I really should add something about my pooch here.

Of course since the only people that are reading this are people I know, this will be old news.

But in any case, here she is....


Her name is Miss Bratwurst Sausage Grey Poupon Baker Buns.... or Brat. Of course with that name you'll have guessed she's a wiener. Cute as a button (Awwww) and full of piss and vinegar.

She's in the chew everything in site stage, so she's got a nice big pen in the dining room that she can't damage - too much.

For more pictures look here.

Never had a purebred before. In fact I used to poo poo them. But no more, it's nice knowing what your dog is, and having a pretty good guess at what they will look like full grown. Not to put down mutts of course.

If you are interested in wieners, check out A local site with tons of info, pictures and fun stuff.

Of course we will be going to the wiener walk this summer. Have a look at a news video from last summer.


Monday, April 12, 2004

How Will You Die?

This is how I will die....

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

You will swallow some tacks. You are a little weird, maybe not so much in a good way. Buy a yellow tie and wear it on your head.
Take this quiz!

Adventures On Skytrain...

Well yesterday's trip to Easter dinner was a bit of an adventure.

Took Skytrain as usual and all was uneventful until I got to 29th Ave station. We ended up sitting in the station for about 5 or 10 minutes with no word about what was going on. This was not unusual. Often there are small problems with the train: someone has dropped something in the track, there is a backlog of trains, etc etc. In any case I'm not worried.

Then two Skytrain employees get on the train and manually drive the train forward about a hundred yards or so out of the station. They are chatting away on their walky-talkies but say nothing to us. They stop the train, shut down the power (no lights, no fans, and it's HOT out) and get out of the train and leave us there. Still no info.

After another 10 minutes or so there is an announcement that there is a medical emergency at 29th Ave station and that they have shut down service between Joyce and Broadway Stations (we are in between). They go on telling us how they are running shuttle service from Joyce to Broadway and other alternatives, but we are still sitting there with the doors closed outside the station. Big help to us.

We finally figure out via the ultra modern communications system called the window that someone has jumped onto the track in front of our train (I'm in the first car) and that the Skytrain guys are providing assistance. Ambulance shows up and they get to work on the guy.

10 more minutes pass....

Same announcement repeats a few times, nothing new....

A young women started to have a panic attack (claustrophobia, too much heat?) and a few people at the other end of the train assist her. A very charming young boy was literally swinging from the overhead bars - his mother ignored him.

Finally, they open the doors and we all walk back to the station on the emergency / service sidewalk thingy.

When we get to the station we were asked to leave and were not given any info on how to continue our trip. There is no shuttle bus and only one regular bus that takes about an hour to get downtown and doesn't follow a route that is helpful to people that were not taking the train all the way to the end.

I'm lucky - one phone call to my Easter dinner relatives snags me a rescue ride (Thanks Mike)

I know that the fellow who jumped has bigger problems than the other passengers; I'm not completely heartless. But that's not my beef. All that the passengers wanted (at least me) was a little bit of information. It seems to me that when the Skytrain employees came onto the train to drive it out of the station that they must have known something was up, why weren’t we told something then. It would have taken about a minute to get everyone off the train. And to answer your next question: No, time did not seem to be a factor, one of the employees farted around with the controls for a at least 2 minutes while the other one watched before we even left the station.

Also, instead of just hoarding us out of the station could we not have been informed of any travel alternatives? I was lucky. I basically knew where I was and I could get a ride. Some of the other passengers looked really lost.

Badly handled people, badly handled.

Dinner was good, if anticlimactic.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 09, 2004

ER (Empathy Relief...)

Ok, I still like ER, but they're not making it easy. I get the feeling that Michael Crichton is only calling it in these days.

How many traumatic problems can one relatively small group of people have? Stabbings, shootings, love found, love lost, cheating partners, missing children, overseas emergencies, death of parents, near execution, etc etc etc...

AND that was just this season!

Believable for Tripping the Rift (see yesterday's entry), but that's a science fiction / fantasy show.

And where the hell does Kovac get all the $$$, hospital residents are not exactly rolling in dough and he drives (or did) a Viper.

Ok, I feel better now.

So what else am I watching these days.

Well Monday's are dedicated to the CBC trinity.
1. Rick Mercer's Monday Report. A very funny news spoof. Sort of a Canadian The Daily Show but funnier.
2. The Newsroom. Also a news comedy, but more of a twisted sureal sit-com. Unfortunatly over for the season.
3. This is Wonderland. A rougher, more sarcastic, funnier Ally McAnorexic.

Still really enjoying The West Wing. I know some people are really tired of it, but I'm still enjoying the staffers banter.

I'm also addicted to Queer as Folk. A show you either know and love... or don't. Not for the kiddies perhaps, but very human and very funny. BTW it starts again on April 19th.

Hubby still enjoys Enterprise, but I find it tedious. I prefer episodes that show daily life on the ship, but everything is now Xindi, Xindi, Xindi. I know everyone disagrees with me on what makes a good show, but I. Don't. Care. Now I'm taking my toys and going back to my room.

I think that Porthos should get his own show.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Caught the first episode of Tripping the Rift last night. Very very demented. Think Futurama on serious drugs. The first show is available via streaming video on their site. It involved a beauty contest, odd boobage, a homicidal clown family, assorted aliens, and - murder -. If you like good quality, clean family television, you'll HATE this show.

Airs in Canada Tuesday's @ 7:00 on Space (Vancouver time anyway, check your local listings).

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Welcome To My World!

Well let's see how this thing works ok? Maybe I'll make a complete mess of it and it will really really suck. But what the hay....

Mostly (probably) I'll be posting stuff on the web that I A. Like, B. Hate, or C. think is really bloody odd.

It's a crapshoot.... :-)

To start you off. Here is a blog(ish) site I really like. James Lileks is a minneapolis writer. Don't always agree with his politics, but he can be very, very funny. His main site is here. And his blog (Called the Bleat) can be found here.