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Friday, April 09, 2004

ER (Empathy Relief...)

Ok, I still like ER, but they're not making it easy. I get the feeling that Michael Crichton is only calling it in these days.

How many traumatic problems can one relatively small group of people have? Stabbings, shootings, love found, love lost, cheating partners, missing children, overseas emergencies, death of parents, near execution, etc etc etc...

AND that was just this season!

Believable for Tripping the Rift (see yesterday's entry), but that's a science fiction / fantasy show.

And where the hell does Kovac get all the $$$, hospital residents are not exactly rolling in dough and he drives (or did) a Viper.

Ok, I feel better now.

So what else am I watching these days.

Well Monday's are dedicated to the CBC trinity.
1. Rick Mercer's Monday Report. A very funny news spoof. Sort of a Canadian The Daily Show but funnier.
2. The Newsroom. Also a news comedy, but more of a twisted sureal sit-com. Unfortunatly over for the season.
3. This is Wonderland. A rougher, more sarcastic, funnier Ally McAnorexic.

Still really enjoying The West Wing. I know some people are really tired of it, but I'm still enjoying the staffers banter.

I'm also addicted to Queer as Folk. A show you either know and love... or don't. Not for the kiddies perhaps, but very human and very funny. BTW it starts again on April 19th.

Hubby still enjoys Enterprise, but I find it tedious. I prefer episodes that show daily life on the ship, but everything is now Xindi, Xindi, Xindi. I know everyone disagrees with me on what makes a good show, but I. Don't. Care. Now I'm taking my toys and going back to my room.

I think that Porthos should get his own show.

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