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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yay! It's Caturday. Mwahhhh

Tomorrow there will be no cats on the internet. None. Zilch. Nada.

Urlesque has decreed that 09/09/09 will be a cat free day. Here is part of their statement:
"After getting inspired by our friends at Asylum, Urlesque is organizing a web-wide ban on cat-related coverage on 9.9.09 -- A Day Without Cats on the Internet. Why only one day? Well let's be honest, that's probably only as long as we'll last before a hilarious video comes crashing into our inbox. But for one day, we will abstain... for you... for the cats."
Click here for more.

A number of other sites are participating including Cute Overload and I Has a Hotdog (Well duh!).

I Can Has Cheezburger? however, is protesting:

Are you ready?

Urlesque has promised to spend tomorrow blogging about another animal. It polled its readers as to what animal to cover. And the results are:

Chickens! 8%

Goats! 13%

Horses! 10%

Rabbits! 16%

Rodents! 13%

Turtles! 14%

And the top vote.

Other! 26%

Yes it's a repost. So sue me.

I think I'll spend tomorrow cuddling my little dog.

Friday, September 04, 2009

To Market, To Market

Finally, finally made it to the Royal City Farmers Market. Its schedule and mine have never met, but I had a rare Thursday off and was able to see what the Hubster has been talking about.

Brat really likes the market. Here she is pulling us to our destination.


Taken from the top of the market pointing towards the river.


There were quite a few other dogs there. Brat didn't think much of this rambunctious little guy. She ended up behind the Hubster's legs after letting this puppy know exactly what she thought.


Bought a wonderful looking (haven't eaten it yet) loaf of cheese and roasted garlic bread from A Bread Affair.




Little Qualicum Cheeseworks makes some truly magnificent cheeses. Here the Hubster is urging me to try their curds.


We ended up buying feta, monterey jill and raclette.


Every week they have different music and entertainment.


As well as Art in the Park.


Of course we had to have a nosh. How about a bison dog?


Gotta try this one. (Made with the brie from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks).


Good choice! That was one fine dog.


Time for a bit more shopping.




Alas my cold is getting the better of me and it's time to go home with our loot.


I don't want to go. You can't make me! (You can't really tell. But she had completely put on the brakes here)


A very enjoyable (& delicious) visit. Awaiting next week's when I'm feeling better.

Lots more photos from the RCFM site here.

If you'd like to check it out, the market is located here.