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Monday, September 01, 2008

Lyre, Lyre

I saw this a few years ago when it first popped up on YouTube, and ran into it again today.

Must share (with the six people that haven't seen it)

The male Lyrebird has a mating call that consists of imitations of other birds, and car alarms, and cameras, and more.

So talented that I think if you owned one your could use it as a sort of DVR.

A clip from David Attenborough's BBC show "Life of Birds"

I thought the name of the bird was highly appropriate since in essence it is a liar. But the actual root is Lyrate: 1. Shaped like a lyre. 2. (botany, of leaves) Having a large terminal lobe and smaller rounded lobes toward its base.

Too bad, I like my definition better. And I know that scientists can have fun when naming critters. Take the Strigiphilus garylarsoni for example.

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