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Thursday, June 10, 2004

What A Mess!

So of course when I'm at work all day the dog gets bored, bored, bored.

She has roughly 5000 toys, but does that keep her happy, NO!

She has a training pad holder

That we put newspaper in and lately she has taken to ripping the *)#*R$#& out of the newspaper and throwing the scraps all over her pen.

This is what her pen should look like: (Minus the crate, we've taken that out. The pad holder is behind the crate in this picture)


And this is what it looked like @ 7:19 tonight:


Haven't been writing much lately because... because... Well I haven't felt like it... So there.

But that's probably just as well. With the current excitement level in my life you would at best get an breathtaking account of what I had for dinner (tonight - McFood!) Or perhaps the joy that is summer television (oooooh, a Simpsons I've only seen 56 times)

And here is a strange phenomenon that only ever seems to happen to me. I will - out of boredom - watch some stupid sitcom that I've never seen before. Deciding I hated it I'll set out to never watch it again. 6 months later - again out of boredom - I'll decide to give the show another chance. Guaranteed it will be the same stupid episode I watched the first time. How can you give something a 2nd chance when the 2nd chance is the same as the 1st chance?

<unrelated bit>
We are getting a new back deck and downstairs bathroom. I'll post the exciting pictures when done. Can you wait?
</unrelated bit>