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Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho &

Merry Chrismas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family, friends and loads of good eats.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Century In Video - 1924

The MGM lion understood in 1924 that there was no point in roaring. Who's going to hear it?

Except for the roar, the logo hasn't actually changed much over the years:

Leo the MGM lion actually started out in 1917 as the mascot for the predecessor company Goldwyn Pictures.

Here he is in 1923 the year before Goldwyn Pictures, Metro Pictures and Louis B. Mayer Pictures merged. I'm not sure if it's a half yawn or half assed snarl in this clip:

The lion logo has been parodied many times, mostly by MTM Enterprises:

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Remington Steele


St. Elswhere

And the depressing end credits for the last episode:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality

Well this is an escape from reality.

Love the Muppets? (yes!)

Love - or at least like - Queen (yes!)

Well don't say I never give you anything.


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Well that title grabbed your attention, didn't it?

Sorry, wrong kind of weed.

My context here is the weeding of a library collection. Libraries are buildings with finite space. And to make room for the new, we need to weed out the old.

Each library has it's own set of weeding criteria defined by the library collection, mandate and user group. But one thing most libraries (in theory) agree on is that obsolete material must go.

(OK, I'm over simplifying things here, but I'm hardly writing a policy and procedure manual. If you want the details on weeding policy, get a diploma, or a degree.)

Weeding the collection isn't always easy, and it's also very time consuming. So this chore sometimes get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. The end result is that we often have material on our shelves that really shouldn't be there.

From this collection of crap archive material sprung forth Awful Library Books. A wonderful witty site dedicated to user submitted books lurking in library collections.

And it's gone Hollywood.

The proprietors of this great site, Mary and Holly, appeared recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Share and enjoy:

Here are the specific posts of the books discussed in the show:

Full disclosure: I checked the Vancouver Public Library catalogue for each of these items.

Alas, we have two:

29% failure rate. That's not too bad, is it?

Friday, November 06, 2009

Don't. Fall. Asleep!

For completely incomprehensible reasons Michael Bay has remade A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The original 1984 version scared the shit out of me. But somehow I can't picture this 'new' Freddy Krueger having much of an effect on me. I mean for crying out loud - this is Freddy?

OK, he's a bit older now:

And they do give him a bit of makeup:

But still...

And to all you kids out there who don't know what I'm rambling about. Jackie Earle Haley was originally famous for a amazingly popular 1976 film: The Bad News Bears.

Sweet dreams...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Miniature Fun

I love Disneyland, and I love tilt-shift (Particularly in this context).

How could I not love this?

This was created completely with tilt-shift still photos. No video involved.

More cool tilt-shift examples here. Create your own here.

Cheers from a Disney dork

Friday, October 30, 2009


Of course the hot water heater and the boiler picked the same day to crap out.

The hot water heater is dead, but the boiler is repairable. Leaky pump or something.

I was under the (erroneous it seems) impression that a hot water tank should last longer than 12 years. Goodbye giant jiffy pop:


I can has hot water please?


50 gallons and set to 120° Just about boiled myself with the first shower.

It was the red thing near the topish left that died on the boiler. Something widget garble thingly sprocket derbble technical stuff. Translation from Hubster. "Booster pump fucked":


The Hubster has it covered:


Soon, soon, soon there will be heat again.

But in the interim; Usually a freezer. Today a workbench:


FYI, I'm currently in long ski undergarments. What? TMI?

Well thbbbt to that.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Allen, Allen, Steve, Steve

A friend (thanks MM) sent me this video a while back. I can't even figure out why I think it's funny:

And then I found out via Cute Overload that it's actually from a BBC show Walk on the Wild Side.

I have a feeling that this show would be a guilty pleasure in I lived in the UK. Probably a good thing I don't.
"Hey guys, did you see the new episode of Walk on..."
"Yes Britt, shut up Britt"
"But there was this really funny bit..."
"Gonna smack you now Britt"
"No need to get your knickers in a bunch"

I love me a meerkat:

Much, much more here

Monday, October 05, 2009

Tri-tip of the Day

The Hubster and I just came back from a mini road trip through Oregon and Northern California. Only a week, but very much needed.

The last town in California we visited was Calistoga. We were headed for Napa (the city) along highway 128 (incidentally, one of the most beautiful highways I've ever been on), when we saw billowing smoke on the side of the road:

View Larger Map

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Buster's Southern BBQ & Bakery.

The order windows are in the white building, and if you want to eat in, there are tables in the brown building:

This is Buster himself loading up the BBQ:

How much meat does he cook? Oh, just a bit:

The end result. Tri-tip on fresh on site baked buns, baked beans and the most incredible slaw in the world.

I couldn't finish mine. But it wasn't for lack of trying.

Damn, now I'm hungry

The rest of the holiday pics are here.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yay! It's Caturday. Mwahhhh

Tomorrow there will be no cats on the internet. None. Zilch. Nada.

Urlesque has decreed that 09/09/09 will be a cat free day. Here is part of their statement:
"After getting inspired by our friends at Asylum, Urlesque is organizing a web-wide ban on cat-related coverage on 9.9.09 -- A Day Without Cats on the Internet. Why only one day? Well let's be honest, that's probably only as long as we'll last before a hilarious video comes crashing into our inbox. But for one day, we will abstain... for you... for the cats."
Click here for more.

A number of other sites are participating including Cute Overload and I Has a Hotdog (Well duh!).

I Can Has Cheezburger? however, is protesting:

Are you ready?

Urlesque has promised to spend tomorrow blogging about another animal. It polled its readers as to what animal to cover. And the results are:

Chickens! 8%

Goats! 13%

Horses! 10%

Rabbits! 16%

Rodents! 13%

Turtles! 14%

And the top vote.

Other! 26%

Yes it's a repost. So sue me.

I think I'll spend tomorrow cuddling my little dog.

Friday, September 04, 2009

To Market, To Market

Finally, finally made it to the Royal City Farmers Market. Its schedule and mine have never met, but I had a rare Thursday off and was able to see what the Hubster has been talking about.

Brat really likes the market. Here she is pulling us to our destination.


Taken from the top of the market pointing towards the river.


There were quite a few other dogs there. Brat didn't think much of this rambunctious little guy. She ended up behind the Hubster's legs after letting this puppy know exactly what she thought.


Bought a wonderful looking (haven't eaten it yet) loaf of cheese and roasted garlic bread from A Bread Affair.




Little Qualicum Cheeseworks makes some truly magnificent cheeses. Here the Hubster is urging me to try their curds.


We ended up buying feta, monterey jill and raclette.


Every week they have different music and entertainment.


As well as Art in the Park.


Of course we had to have a nosh. How about a bison dog?


Gotta try this one. (Made with the brie from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks).


Good choice! That was one fine dog.


Time for a bit more shopping.




Alas my cold is getting the better of me and it's time to go home with our loot.


I don't want to go. You can't make me! (You can't really tell. But she had completely put on the brakes here)


A very enjoyable (& delicious) visit. Awaiting next week's when I'm feeling better.

Lots more photos from the RCFM site here.

If you'd like to check it out, the market is located here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Library Cuts are Not Healthy for Children & Other Living Things

The funding results are here

Please consider these scenarios

  1. It's 9:00pm and you're working on a paper. You need one more source and it has to be from a peer reviewed journal.

    What to do.

    Why not try the library's chat service AskAway? Within minutes a library staffer has show you a great database filled with peer reviewed articles on your topic. Not only that but they helped you find a source that demonstrates how to cite an electronic resources. You're good to go and you get your paper in on time.

  2. When you were a kid you read this (you thought*) great science fiction book. Some 30 years later the book creeps into your head. You'd like to read it again, but your library doesn't own it.

    What to do.

    Turns out your local library has this great service called Interlibrary Loans. If your library doesn't own a book you want, they can find one that does and order it in for you. Usually within a couple of week.

  3. You have a great idea for a business, but are not sure that it's a feasible idea. Times are tough and you want the best information possible to help you make your decision

    What to do.

    The librarian in the Science & Business division points you to many great sources, including some very helpful databases that supply company statistics, entrepreneurial information and articles about your field.

These are just a few of the services provided by BC libraries that are being threatened with massive grant cuts

If this pisses you off as much as it does me (and my colleagues), please visit Stop BC Library Cuts and:

If you're not in BC, please contact your local library and offer support. Many, many libraries are hurting right now, and it's not a resource that we can afford to lose.

Another thing to keep in mind. Although this post is Vancouver Public Library centric, (because that's where I work), other small BC libraries will be hit much, much harder. A much smaller percentage of VPL's budget comes from grant money than that of the smaller library systems.

Here's the (itsy bitsy) coverage from Global BC this morning:

* or "me thought" as the case may be. Exciting scenario # 2 is an amazing true story.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Help, I'm Bored

Help Remedies is an ethical New York based pharmaceutical company with absolutely brilliant packaging

I've never actually tried their product (seems to only be available in New York), but when I checked out their home page I fell in love with their Help I'm Bored page.

Please do have a look if you're bored. It will help. I highly recommend "Help, I am ugly" and "Help, I Don't Know if I am Gay"

You'll need to allow pop-ups.

They also slip bits of sly humour into their other pages. From the "sincere apologies " section of their Help, I Have Allergies page:

Dear sneeze fetishist,

Sorry. Help remedies does not intend to deprive anyone of the things that they love in life. In order to counterbalance the impact of “help I have allergies,” help remedies hereby provides We hope this will make up for some of the sadness we have caused you.

Found via the brilliant packaging porn site The Dieline

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yes, Yes, Yes, I Know!

I know I haven't updated lately and that the masthead is out of date...

But it's been sunny and I've been out on my deck reading.

I'll post something new soon. Really.

But for now, I have a suggestion.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Total Eclipse of the Lyrics

Back in the mid 80's I was a huge fan of Bonnie Tyler. I went through the angst thing a bit late in life and this song spoke to me in some totally deep and incomprehensible way:

Well I was thrilled when a friend of mine turned me on to this incredible remake. It has all the depth of the original and will speak to your stupid teenage heart:

You're welcome. Actually thank you RC for facebooking this. It made my day.

Oh and full discloser (This was taken about 10 minutes ago)

Yup, still listening to her.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Can We Trade in Our Car...

... for a Chevy?

This ad fills me with great confidence:

Couldn't find the Canadian version on Youtube, but it's almost identical.

If you really want to see it go here and click on "What the New GM is going to look like" video.

Fills me with confidence, oh yes it does.

All I can say is that I'm glad we don't have an American car.

We do own an American work van. But it's ancient and paid for and when it dies, it dies.

Secret: I actually find the seat in our crappy old van more comfortable than in our 2 year old car. But that's because I like to sit with my legs @ a 90 degree angle, and you can't do that in a car.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Nothing like blowing up an anvil to start your day.

I go every year. This event is part of the yearly Hyack Festival.

I forgot my camera, but Global BC was kind enough to film it for me.

At the start Archie Miller asks for a show of hands from newbies. Those are the people to watch at the first blast to see how high they jump.

This event is not loved by babies and dogs.

Another amusing side effect: each blast is followed by a chorus of car alarms

Friday, May 01, 2009

Sniff, Snorff, Wheezle...

Been sick as a pig feeling like shite the last few days and not up to posting.

I thought it was just a cold, but maybe not.

I took a do you have swine flu test, and the news isn't good.

Maybe I'll just sit in the sun and read a classic childrens book.

Or prepare for the worst with an educational video.

Also, thanks to those that provided the links. It makes my life so much easier when other people write my posts for me :)

BTW: 15 cases in BC as of today, the most in Canada. We're #1?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out of Context Theatre

Too busy playing to post....


I wanted to do a scene from Dracula, but 2 characters is the max allowed in Xtranormal.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Feeling a Little Juvenile?

Create a movie!

N.S.F.W due to mildly bad language

Wish they emoted a bit better, but still fun to play with.

It's free (given the quality, it had better be)

Make your own masterpiece @ Xtranormal

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Penguins and Spaghetti

Happy April Fools Everyone

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Many Times Has This Happened?

As you may remember - if you didn't burn your brain - I blogged about the wunder boner not too long ago.

I did my research on that one because I couldn't believe it was real. And since I'm the one that is constantly sending friends and relatives links to Snopes to disprove all those damn emails about carjacking, new diseases, and double full moons, I tend to not believe anything I see on the interwebs. So imagine my surprise when I found enough proof that the wunder boner is real.

And image my complete and utter disbelieve (and disgust and a few other oogy things) when I found this on Fail Blog.

Why? Dear sweet mother of god, why? Would you golf with these idiots?

I wish I could tell you it's a joke. I really, really do.

Nope, sorry.

But then again. It's shit like this that supplies me with material.

Monday, March 09, 2009

March? Yes You March...

... I'm talking to you.

I know you're confused and a bit out of sorts.

But could you please get your shit together.

Your goal: Spring.

Thank you for your attention

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kryten Drives a Car

Robert Llewellyn may not be regular on local tv these days, but he isn't sitting on his butt.

as I wrote in this post, we have new Red Dwarf episodes to look forward to in the not too distant future (I hope)

But for now why not indulge in ‘Car Pool’ and short podcast starting Llewellyn as the driver and a number of well known British celeb types as the passenger.

Llewellyn drives his passengers to their errands while they chat about, well, stuff!

Do I know how to sell something or what. Some of it I don't get, but a lot of it is funny as hell.

Hey it's free to check out, so why not. Main site is Llewtube, but you can also subscribe via iTunes if you prefer to watch on your iPod / iPhone

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Really, how anyone not love this little piglet?

Meet Kingsford (I sure hope his name isn't from this).

Kingsford Goes to the Beach

Note to the videopigographers: The peeing, not necessary.

Via Cuteoverload

Smoke Me a Kipper...

Update: According to the Red Dwarf 2009 FAQ page @ on Robert Llewellyn's Llewtube site, the new Red Dwarf will come out here on DVD. As you were

I'm a big fan of Red Dwarf and was waiting with baited breath for the never to happen movie.

Guess how thrilled I am to find this.

It had better come to Canada

To tide you over:

Monday, February 02, 2009

A Little Bit Faster Now...

There are many different ways to get the news online. Many like to use news search engines such as Google News. Or they may prefer to go directly to a source such as the Vancouver Sun or CBC News.

At the Vancouver Public Library we have a wonderful database called PressDisplay. It contains newspapers in .pdf format from around the world on day of publication. The really cool thing is that the newspaper looks the same as the paper format, but with added value features such as having the stories translated for you, read aloud or emailed. If you are a news junkie, it's a dream tool.

The link above is to the fee based version. But if you have a Vancouver Public Library card you can access the entire database for free here, although I encourage locals to check out all of our great databases here. Have your library card handy. </end plug>.

Although online news is not exactly new, it has changed immensely over the years. Here is an 1981 video that explains the wave of the future.

No pictures, no comics, $5.00 an hour, 2 hours to download. But pretty impressive for 28 years ago.

One more PressDisplay note. Although Vancouver Public Library was the first library to subscribe to this service, As of October '08 over 1000 libraries were offering it to their patrons. So if you don't live in the Greater Vancouver area, check out your local library.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Good Morning Snowshine

12:28 update: Yay, it's raining!


Let's look on the bright side shall we. It's not likely that anyone will be seeing their shadow tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your Hamster in the Box And it’s Not Breathing.

Once upon a time I loved flying.

Not so much anymore.

The last trip I took (last summer) was cramped and tedious. The service was fine, but 3 hours in a cramped stuffy space with nothing to eat is not my idea of fun. I had a head cold too. Extra fun!

I would like flying if I was rich. Then I could fly like this:

(Emirates first class)

Or this:

(Virgin first class)

Well maybe not the second one, at least not to India

Seems that a passenger was not overly happy with his dinner on a Mumbai to Heathrow flight. Or what may have been presented as dinner. Or perhaps Spackle.

Doesn't this look yummy?

God only know what it is. The passenger certainly didn't know. And he wonders if Richard Branson knows.

He had a few words to say to Mr. Branson, and those words spread to the world.

Apparently this letter has been making the email rounds for a while, and as usual I'm the last to know.

Happy travels

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pretty Great Day in the USA

Skill testing question: Who looks happier - Bush or Obama?


Now go turn on CNN.

That is all.

Monday, January 12, 2009


If you've never heard of the group Improve Everywhere, you need to check them out.

Their "About Us" statement:
Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. Created in August of 2001 by Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere has executed over 80 missions involving thousands of undercover agents. The group is based in New York City.

They held their annual "No Pants Subway Ride" January 10th in NYC and other cities. Details and photos from NYC here.

2009 videos haven't been posted yet, but past years can be found here.

Another favourite of mine. The Human Mirror mission.

Please to enjoy

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Hate School

Brat's most embarrassing picture is now up on for all to see on Stuff On My Wiener.

I should never have taught her to type