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Friday, October 30, 2009


Of course the hot water heater and the boiler picked the same day to crap out.

The hot water heater is dead, but the boiler is repairable. Leaky pump or something.

I was under the (erroneous it seems) impression that a hot water tank should last longer than 12 years. Goodbye giant jiffy pop:


I can has hot water please?


50 gallons and set to 120° Just about boiled myself with the first shower.

It was the red thing near the topish left that died on the boiler. Something widget garble thingly sprocket derbble technical stuff. Translation from Hubster. "Booster pump fucked":


The Hubster has it covered:


Soon, soon, soon there will be heat again.

But in the interim; Usually a freezer. Today a workbench:


FYI, I'm currently in long ski undergarments. What? TMI?

Well thbbbt to that.

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