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Friday, April 27, 2007

Pet Food Recall Update

There is more and more disturbing info on the pet food recall.

More companies have recalled their food and now wet food is included in the recall.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel by posting the details, I decided to point you to a handy site that can give you all the info you need.

The Dogster blog has a Pet Food Recall Alerts section.

Worth checking out.

Also of worth. The FDA has a section on the recall: FDA pet food recall

For Canadians ~~~
I have been unable to find a Canadian equivalent (yes I tried the Canadian Food Inspection Agency), so I would still recommend regularly checking the CANADIAN site for your brand of pet food. I have noticed that for at least some brands different foods have been recalled in Canada and the States.

And one more useful site: The Petfood List. List foods by brand. Both recalled and non-recalled foods.

Again, this is an American list, so Canadians should confirm with their pet food websites.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Dead Leading The Dead

I've never been a big Elvis fan. There are a few songs of his I like, but generally I can take him or leave him.

But last night, for the first time in my life, I felt sorry for Elvis.

For the 4 of you who haven't heard about it. Last night on American Idol, Elvis sang with Celine Dion, and it was VERY VERY SAD!

It was some sort of CGI thing, or a hologram, or perhaps, Satan. In any case I'm sure that somewhere Elvis is crying.

I'm not going to post the video here because 1. I don't hate anyone that much that I need to inflict that kind of pain on them, and 2. Fox has already had at least two versions of the video pulled from Youtube due to copyright infringement.

But here is a shitty (both for content and quality) screenshot.

Don't worry, your retinas will eventually heal.


Can you tell my true feelings for Celine?

Last time we were in California visiting relatives, my husband"s aunt mentioned to us how much she loves Celine Dion. Hubby replied - "That's great, you can keep her"

I think she is solely responsible for every "Yes" vote during the Quebec referendum.
Makes me proud to be a Canadian.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Wiener Walks 2007

A lot of people searching for the local wiener events have found their way to this page.

No worries people, the two big events are still a long way off.

However if you'd like some more info here it is.

The first event is the Dachshund Fun Day put on by the Miniature Dachshund Club of BC (MDCBC)

It happens every year on the second Saturday in July at the Peace Arch Park in White Rock. For more info look at the clubs Events page.

This event is still smallish, but a lot of fun. Lots of games for the pooches as well as their humans. As well as food and drinks.

The other bigger event is the annual Dachshund Picnic & Wiener Walk. It takes place on the second Sunday in August in Winskill Park in Tsawassen.

The details on this years event haven't been posted yet, but keep an eye on The Canadian Dachshund Lovers Page. The info is usually posted near the top of the page.

Here's a CTV news clip from the 2003 picnic.

I'll post updates closer to the event times.

And what's a wiener post without some silly wiener videos. Here's a few I like from YouTube:

This wiener has some serious OCD issues. But I like the fact that's he's self exercising:

I love this Sprint ad from a few years ago:

Not smart. Cute, but really not smart:

And last but certainly not least. Our little Brat last November in the snow. Not very deep by many peoples standards, but very deep to a wiener.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sun Run '07

Wow, nothing makes me happier than having the word "feet" stamped across my head:


Could be worse, could be Fast Ass photos.

My time this year was, well, average. I came in @ 1:56:28 - An average of 11:39:11/km (18:45:00/mi) for those who care.

The weather was great this year. Lots of sun, but just when I would get too hot a cloud or two would come in to cool me down. No rain - a bonus.

And this year - NO MORRIS DANCERS (Please don't ask)

I've noticed from my statcounter reports that people have been finding this page via google searches for the race results and by looking for race photos. Well here ya go.

The general Vancouver Sun Run page is HERE

The race results are HERE

And the photos can be found HERE. Search by name on the right side of the page.

Warning! The Fleet Feet photos page can be very, very slow. Especially right now with so many people looking for their pictures. I looked at mine late last night (around midnight) and it was quite a bit faster.

Of course the sun run is the not the only race out there, but the most interesting has to be the Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run. If you want a more uh, ermmm "detailed view" of the race click on the picture @ the top of the page. Enjoy!

Now off to work for me, ciao

Friday, April 13, 2007

Nothing But The Original For Me?

Generally song remakes suck! It's pretty rare that a cover is better than (or even as good as) the original. And there are plenty of people that agree with me. Just have a look at this site: Second Hand Songs, or this even better one: The 20 worst cover songs in pop music history.

But I found an exception.

You may be familiar with this because the remake was used for a commercial for the video game "Gears of War". For me the remake blows the original out of the water. It's weird because I actually really like Tears for Fears and before this song had never heard of Gary Jules.

Well here are the two videos, you decide.

Mad World

Original by Tears for Fears

Cover by Gary Jules

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm Dry, Here's Some (Unrelated ) Filler

I'm tired and cranky, so I'm giving you linkage and absolutely no substance.

Weather Bonk is a really cool weather site.

Search for your location & click on the temperatures for more info and forecasts. Also shows local webcams.

Have a little someone in your life that you really, really hate? Peruse the the 10 most dangerous toys of all time for some great gift ideas.

When I was a kid my favourite cartoon was anything with Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner in it. Just once I wanted to see the coyote win, but like a baby on a sitcom it would only have ruined the show.

One of the things I enjoyed about their shows was that they didn't live by the same rules as the rest of the (real) world. Go ahead and run off a cliff. I guarantee that you'll start falling long before you notice how high up your are. Not in the cartoon world. Of course these are known as the laws of cartoon physics. A very enjoyable read. If you want more another slightly different version is here.

have fun kids, I'm outta here

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

Nothing big today as I'm being a lazy ass. Just a few Easter things to enjoy....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Passover Celebration Fun (Updated)

In celebration of passover I give you this link:

peeps for passover

A beautiful photo show explaining the ten plagues.

10 edible plagues

10 sugary plagues

10 very pastel plagues

sweet, sweet, plagues

No-one likes a messy matzos, here a tip!

And I'll finish this off with a little music from the fab Barry sisters.

Happy Passover everyone

(And thanks to Dooce for the peeps link)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tsk, Tsk, People

On my (very very crowded) train ride this morning a number of people where trying to squeeze on at one of the Burnaby stations. A young black woman unavoidably bumped into a guy facing away from the doors.

"Sorry" she said.

"Fuck you 'nigger'" he said.

Complete stunned silence from everyone. We all looked at the ceiling, out the windows, at the ads; anywhere but at the young woman and the racist asshole.

After a few moments people went back to their books, their ipods, their conversations, their lives. as if nothing had happened.

What a bunch of chicken shit weenies.... And yes I mean me too.

Canadians have such a reputation for being polite, but I think the rest of the world is very, very, wrong. And now that I've thought about it, I don't think we were ever that polite, I think we are just very timid (or scared? or stupid?) and won't stand up to anyone or anything.

This is probably the only place in the world where people apologize for being RIGHT! I've seen this a million times. Person A will bump into person B. Person A is clearly at fault and person B will say "sorry"

If you want to see some examples of the increasing levels of rudeness in this city - from the petty (very little door holding going on anymore) to the truly nasty (see above) spend an afternoon in the downtown core, or take a ride during rush hour on skytrain.

Today I looked for some examples of America's perceptions of Canadian politeness. I found a lot of material, but this once stuck out.

Reader's Digest did a field study in a bunch of cities to see who was the politest.

The article is interesting, but the graphic sums it up:

Yup, mean, nasty, violent New York City won hands down.

Vancouver wasn't a test city, but Toronto was number 3. Either Toronto is a hell of a lot better than Vancouver these days (haven't been there in a few years) or they spiked the drinking water that day.

But just to balance things out you can see that Montreal scored pretty "good" in the least courteous category too. Ya - we suck!

Can't we all just get along?