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Monday, April 23, 2007

Wiener Walks 2007

A lot of people searching for the local wiener events have found their way to this page.

No worries people, the two big events are still a long way off.

However if you'd like some more info here it is.

The first event is the Dachshund Fun Day put on by the Miniature Dachshund Club of BC (MDCBC)

It happens every year on the second Saturday in July at the Peace Arch Park in White Rock. For more info look at the clubs Events page.

This event is still smallish, but a lot of fun. Lots of games for the pooches as well as their humans. As well as food and drinks.

The other bigger event is the annual Dachshund Picnic & Wiener Walk. It takes place on the second Sunday in August in Winskill Park in Tsawassen.

The details on this years event haven't been posted yet, but keep an eye on The Canadian Dachshund Lovers Page. The info is usually posted near the top of the page.

Here's a CTV news clip from the 2003 picnic.

I'll post updates closer to the event times.

And what's a wiener post without some silly wiener videos. Here's a few I like from YouTube:

This wiener has some serious OCD issues. But I like the fact that's he's self exercising:

I love this Sprint ad from a few years ago:

Not smart. Cute, but really not smart:

And last but certainly not least. Our little Brat last November in the snow. Not very deep by many peoples standards, but very deep to a wiener.

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