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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sun Run '07

Wow, nothing makes me happier than having the word "feet" stamped across my head:


Could be worse, could be Fast Ass photos.

My time this year was, well, average. I came in @ 1:56:28 - An average of 11:39:11/km (18:45:00/mi) for those who care.

The weather was great this year. Lots of sun, but just when I would get too hot a cloud or two would come in to cool me down. No rain - a bonus.

And this year - NO MORRIS DANCERS (Please don't ask)

I've noticed from my statcounter reports that people have been finding this page via google searches for the race results and by looking for race photos. Well here ya go.

The general Vancouver Sun Run page is HERE

The race results are HERE

And the photos can be found HERE. Search by name on the right side of the page.

Warning! The Fleet Feet photos page can be very, very slow. Especially right now with so many people looking for their pictures. I looked at mine late last night (around midnight) and it was quite a bit faster.

Of course the sun run is the not the only race out there, but the most interesting has to be the Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run. If you want a more uh, ermmm "detailed view" of the race click on the picture @ the top of the page. Enjoy!

Now off to work for me, ciao

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