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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yay! It's Caturday. Mwahhhh

Tomorrow there will be no cats on the internet. None. Zilch. Nada.

Urlesque has decreed that 09/09/09 will be a cat free day. Here is part of their statement:
"After getting inspired by our friends at Asylum, Urlesque is organizing a web-wide ban on cat-related coverage on 9.9.09 -- A Day Without Cats on the Internet. Why only one day? Well let's be honest, that's probably only as long as we'll last before a hilarious video comes crashing into our inbox. But for one day, we will abstain... for you... for the cats."
Click here for more.

A number of other sites are participating including Cute Overload and I Has a Hotdog (Well duh!).

I Can Has Cheezburger? however, is protesting:

Are you ready?

Urlesque has promised to spend tomorrow blogging about another animal. It polled its readers as to what animal to cover. And the results are:

Chickens! 8%

Goats! 13%

Horses! 10%

Rabbits! 16%

Rodents! 13%

Turtles! 14%

And the top vote.

Other! 26%

Yes it's a repost. So sue me.

I think I'll spend tomorrow cuddling my little dog.

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