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Friday, August 07, 2009

Help, I'm Bored

Help Remedies is an ethical New York based pharmaceutical company with absolutely brilliant packaging

I've never actually tried their product (seems to only be available in New York), but when I checked out their home page I fell in love with their Help I'm Bored page.

Please do have a look if you're bored. It will help. I highly recommend "Help, I am ugly" and "Help, I Don't Know if I am Gay"

You'll need to allow pop-ups.

They also slip bits of sly humour into their other pages. From the "sincere apologies " section of their Help, I Have Allergies page:

Dear sneeze fetishist,

Sorry. Help remedies does not intend to deprive anyone of the things that they love in life. In order to counterbalance the impact of “help I have allergies,” help remedies hereby provides We hope this will make up for some of the sadness we have caused you.

Found via the brilliant packaging porn site The Dieline

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