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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Feeling Better Thanks!

Cold is just about gone. It's been the mundaneness of everyday life that has kept me from writing, not illness.

Let's see, what happened this week?

Monday - Nothing

Tuesday - Tripping the Rift. Episode sucked the big one. Guest star - (drum roll please) Emmanuel Lewis of Webster fame. Wow, they don't come more famous than that

Also dinner at Burger Heaven. Yummy as usual. For those who have never eaten there. Burger Heaven does a fun thing during elections. They create a burger for each candidate and you vote with your order. Best (and tastiest) poll around.

Wednesday - Nothing. Taped West Wing and Kingdom Hospital to watch this weekend.

No great Sun Run pictures this year. This is as good as it gets. I'm in the grey sweatshirt. Just behind the guy pushing the baby buggy. (Note: Pictures not available anymore for 2004)

Sorry Fleet Feet Photos. But the 2003 pictures were better...