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Sunday, July 04, 2004

So Who Reads This Anyway.....

I know, I know,,,, I never write.....

But come on, look at the sky! How can anyone find time or inspiration to write with weather like this? As it is I'm using hubby's wireless connection to jot this down on the front porch.

The new back deck is done (pictures later, I need the hardwired machine to upload those), but we're letting the stain set, so it's the front porch for now. But it's a nice new deck, well, because, it's Nice. and New. (and a deck). We've built the railings a dogs head width apart so that Brat can stick her head out, but can't get anything else out. Plus we put a spring loaded gate @ the top of the stairs so that she can't escape. And when I say "we" and "we've" I really mean anyone but me. Build stuff! I don't think so.

So what else is new? Well there was the election. Bah humbug! Yes I did vote. I believe that you can't bitch if you don't vote - not that it did any good. Well I guess it will basically be the same ol crappola for the next 4 years. Not that I expected anything different.

Went to see the newest Harry Potter movie a couple of days ago. Loved it. I am a big Potter fan, call me infantile, don’t care, nyya nyya poo poo. I have very few quibbles with the movie. I thought a bit more detail about the 4 friends (James Potter et al) would have been nice, but I do understand that it’s nigh near impossible to put all the book details into a movie without it turning into another Lord of the Rings. And yes I did enjoy the LotR trilogy, but that last movie did go on and on and on… If you are a Potter fan and you haven’t seen the revamped Rowling site, I’d advise you to pay it a visit.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful summer Sunday :-)

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