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Friday, April 18, 2008

Let me Quibble?

I am seriously thinking of changing the name of this blog. It wouldn't happen before next month, 'cuz I'm not going to create a new masthead before then.

"Why?" you ask. Because it turns out that I'm not as original as I thought. Every time I do a Google vanity search for myself I run across the phrase in other people's blogs. Today for the first time I ran across another blog with the exact same name down to the explanation point.

Not that it's anything like mine. Seems to consist of bible quotes and christian music lyrics -- and THAT'S ALL!

So of course it's exactly like me :-)

(if you really must see - it's here)

I want to come up with something very unique that produces little or (preferably) no other google hits. I would probably ease into it over a couple of months. For example my May masthead would say "blah, blah, new name, blah - formally Let Me Rant!"

Here is your job. Could everyone who reads this post please suggest a new title in the comments. Please keep in mind that you can comment anonymously but that is NO reason to be an asshole because that leads to bad karma

And you don't want to mess with karma!

Ok, I'm sorry, I don't mean it. I really love you, and the problems, well it's not you, it's me!

So please leave a suggestion and have happy thoughts.



Information said...

So the ideal name for your journal would be a Googlewhack...then you know for sure that you'd be the only one.


This is the Whack Stack, which shows the latest Googlewhacks.

I particularly like these, though I'm not sure they would mean much as a blog title:

* Runaway Aquafarmer
* Werewolfs Moonwalking
* Disincarnated Crossfires
* Ediacan Taramasalata
* Scuzzbuckets Gnus

However, these are more like blog titles...

* Paperlessly Extravaganza
* Paralinguistically Swooshed
* Mental Hardscrabbles

Now I have to go see if I can find some more Googlewhacks of my own...


Kay said...

So I got Jen's brain working on this as well, and after all of about 2 seconds (she's much brighter than me) she came up with:

Britt's Really Interesting Thoughts and Theories (BRITT for short)

Anonymous said...

I've lost most of the enthusiasm for these ideas but thought I'd post them just to see if it actually works this time. I had considered:

Suffering succotash
The uncivil servant

I haven't done due diligence on them but did find an Irish blog under the last one that was pretty funny so so much for being original.

Submitted by Your Deputy
or First Librarian ;)