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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Vrooooooom, Screeeee!

I don't think anyone I know now (with the singular exception of the people in this video) has ever seen seen me drive.

After watching this you'll understand why.

Points to ponder:

  1. Yes I was that skinny once. Also: bite me

  2. We don't need to discuss the length of my shorts, or how high they go, ok? It was 1992 folks

  3. As to me putting my feet down a few times. I had never driven a real motorized bicycle type devise before this, and I used to use my feet as brakes on my bicycle all the time. Luckily I would remember in time on the scooter and not grind my toes off.

  4. Yes that is the Hubster making comments about me driving. Thanks dear!

  5. This "drive" was done with no license, no helmet, and total disregard to what side of the road I should be on (The left btw, British law in this part of the Caribbean).

  6. Anyone know how to turn me back into the 26 year old I was in this clip (but with better shorts)?

If you are wondering about the topography, video shot here. Looks like the road has been reconfigured some time in the last 16 years.


Cathy said...

I remember that trip - met you at the airport and we spent the evening together before you went. Chris was 2, and wanted to run down the concourse the whole time (thank god for the handholding device). And yes, we were all that skinny once damnit.

Infodemons said...

Hahaha! I like the small child who runs away screaming as you approach. Although I think at the speed you were going the worst you might have done was nudge them a little bit.