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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mini Dachshund Club of BC 2007 Wiener Walk

Took Brat to the The Miniature Dachshund Club of British Columbia Wiener Walk yesterday, and as usual she had a spiffy time. I think she got treats from about 20 different people, so many in fact that we skipped dinner last night without any complaint from her.

Here's a few pics:

Brat showing off her cute butt:

I'm hot mom!

Dad checking out the Royal Canin booth:

Brat in costume:

You can't make me participate:

Here are a few of the other dogs in their costumes.


Aren't we groovy?

Peter Pan & his Tinkerbell:

Bathing Beauties:

Brat is so sexy!

And finally, Brat in her new harness that she won:

And of course I shot a bit of video.

Here is Brat playing with Bella. They really seem to enjoy each other a lot:

Brat also played the shell game. She had to find a wiener under a cup without any (hmmm, too much) help from me. If the person running the game had been paying attention Brat would have come in second. One dog was a clear winner, and one uncovered her wiener before Brat, but didn't eat it. Where can I file a complaint!

All in all, fun was had, sun was had, and tiredess was complete.

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