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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bookmark Debris

Nothing exiting to post. I expect that I'll have some strike news in the next day or two, but until then enjoy some freshly mined crap!

I'm sure you've heard about the experiments that the CIA performed with LSD. But did you know that in your own lovely, placid, Canada equally atrocious experiments have taken place. It's true, and here is the video evidence:

For more examples of this type of "scientific study" please visit Hinterland Who's Who. And to file a complaint, please contact the Canadian Wildlife Service


Under the category of You can't always get what you want - have a look at some lovely food!

This is what you ordered... This is what you get...

For more fine examples of the difference between fast food advertising and the actual crap that you get have a look at Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

And I'll fess up. I do love me an Egg McMuffin. [cough - white trash cough], But I've recently discovered the vastly superior breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. I like the egg & sausage that they heat up until the cheese is all gooey. Gooey cheese = life!


Keeping with the advertisement theme. I sometimes wonder if the billboard companies even talk to their clients. It seems to me that you would want to know what other ads are going to appear near or next to yours. This holds true for all mediums. If you ran a cigarette company would you want your ad next to an article about lung cancer? Do you think a Tickle Me Elmo ad should appear next to an article about how some people like stuffed animals a little too much.

Well here is a perfect example of how a lack of communication can cause me great joy:


Somehow I almost feel like I should have labeled that NSFW.

For more gleeful examples pay a visit to the Unfortunately Placed Ads page at I Am bored.


And to finish off. Toilets!

We usually don't have a hard time finding the bathrooms in restaurant / bars / sports arenas / dungeons, because we are all familiar with the standards for signage. This is the norm:

But that's here in North America. I found a great site that shows examples from all over the world. Some are easy to understand but humorous. Like this one that I love:

And some make make you think a bit:

Have a beverage, or 6, or 10, or 23. Loosen your slacks and enjoy 59 Of The Coolest Toilet Signs Around The World

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