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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Strike - Day 86 -- IT'S OVER!

86 days later (or 88 depending on when you start counting)

We shared stories, laughter, frustration, food, knitting, puppies, portable heaters, and, and, and....

We are finally going back to work!

On Friday CUPE 391 members voted 71.4% to except the new Memorandum Of Agreement Between The Vancouver Public Library Canadian Union Of Public Employees, Local 391

We voted yes:
Just the beginning…

And so did the board:
It’s Official. The Library Board Ratifies Agreement

A bit more info here on the Fairness for Civic Workers site:
Library strike ends: CUPE 391 makes important steps towards pay equity

I'm waiting for a definitive update, but it looks like we'll return to work Monday with the library opening to the public on Wednesday.

I don't even want to think about what it's going to look like inside the building.

And... No. More. Jeans!

But work. Lovely, sweet, life giving work. How I missed you.

Vancouver Sun:
Library workers to head back Monday

Georgia Straight:
Vancouver library workers approve tentative agreement

Striking Vancouver library workers accept deal

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