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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dogs Love Snow...

This month I'm spending all my work time on the computer. We are migrating 900 of VPL's webpages over to a new site using ExpressionEngine

I'm enjoying it (quite a bit actually [GEEK!]), but after 8 hours of keyboarding the urge to blog ain't there.

So for some filler I bring you dogs! who! love! snow!

Fun fact - Searching for snow dog on YouTube gets you 7,640 results (subject to change)

Ok. get your insulin ready:

Fun fact #2 - searching for dachshund snow on gets you 65 hits. Not enough I say.

And back for a repeat performance - Brat in the snow.

And what do I think about snow?

Although this snow is kinda fun.

(P.S. the new VPL site will be launching in the new year)

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