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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oy, A Bit More Sarah

Not that Sarah, the other Sarah

I don't always understand her humour, but at times I find her incredible funny. Like when she's F*%king Matt Damon.

Now she (and the Jewish Council for Education and Research) are campaigning for Obama. They want everyone to convice their Jewish grandparents to vote for Obama.

They produced this hilarious (and I might add humorously offensive) video to help all the young Jews get started.

Fun facts:
1. [his] foreign policy is much more stabilizing than John McCain's
2. He wants to protect social security
3. His brisket is beyond

Of course most of the points made in the video are for the sake of humour. But they do have some interesting info at the official Great Schlep site.

Even if you are not a young American Jew, please take a look.

Final note. Why do I write so much about American and not at all about Canadian politics. Because except for one singular example of puffin pooping, Canadian politics are not in-your-face funny.

I also haven't watched any Rick Mercer lately

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