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Friday, February 05, 2010

...But We Call it Home

I just love this ad. Beautiful scenery, inspiring message & famous BC stars:

BC stars?

The ad features Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Eric McCormack, Kim Cattrall, Steve Nash, and Sarah McLachlan.

Fox, Cattrall & McCormack all have American citizenship, and except for McLachlan, none of them live full time in BC.

I'm ok with that. Hell, you go where the work is.

But then please don't call it "home"

The sad thing is that I know why they were used. This ad is meant to attract people from outside BC. And frankly, how many celebs do we have living in the province that would be recognized outside of it?

If my readers (both of you) can up with a few good examples, I be happily proven wrong. And those example can't be a band you really like, or an actor you think did a great job last year on that CBC documentary. I talking about names that would be recognized in South Carolina or Gdansk.

So go ahead, and please prove me an idiot.

Oh, and By the way - It's a Government of BC video


Jen said...

I think MacGuyver - Richard Dean Anderson - lives here, and doesn't Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn live here for their son's hockey? I think Brendan Morrison still "lives" here even though he got traded from the Canucks. There are some musicians who live here, I think. Just trying to remember who.

Britt S. Baker said...

Alas, Anderson is gone (No more SGI) and Hawn & Russell have sold their property and moved back to the states. I believe their son plays for an American team now.