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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hey, I'm Watching That!

I have absolutely NO interest in the Super Bowl.

I believe it's a ball game. A game with grown men, and a brown oval ball. Played in a field. Wheeeeeeee!

However the Super Bowl does premier some of the best ads of the year. Luckily they are all available online - no brown oval ball kicking men needed.

Youtube has a page dedicated to the 2007 commercials. This page shows them all, but I have a few favorites.

  1. Emerald Nuts

  2. Snickers

  3. GM Robot

  4. Budweiser - Rock, Paper, Scissors

  5. Budweiser Dalmatian

  6. Sierra Mist - Comb-over

  7. Bud Light - Axe

But my all time favorite is actually from a few years ago: E*Trade $2,000,000 monkey


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