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Monday, May 14, 2007

Nothing But The Original For Me? (Part II)

I've never been a fan of Nine Inch Nails. In fact I don't think that before last year I could have named even one of their songs.

Then I discovered (via I don't remember) Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt:

and I loved it with a capital L.O.V.E.

So I decided to give the original a shot:

Sorry man, but it leaves me cold, cold, cold.

Of course after I discovered the Cash version I had to buy this album:

1955-2003: Legend Of

When I was young(er) I would never had admitted to liking Johnny Cash, but now, of course, he's cool again. And frankly I don't give a shit anyway.

But back to my main point (I do have one, I do!)

I did discover one version of Hurt that may just compete with the Johnny Cash version.

From the Man in black to the amphibian in green:

A little "pitchy" perhaps (Damn you Randy Jackson) but certainly filled with feeling, and not a few disturbing images.

Oh, and if you haven't visited it yet, and you like Johnny Cash, then I really do suggest his web site. The audio section has some 20 songs that you can listen to online - great for instant Johnny Cash radio @ work

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