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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hello I'm Britell

You have Brangelina & Benifer, so what is your celebrity couple name?

To find out go to the Celebrity Couple Name Maker.

And remember if you don't like the results try reversing the order you enter the names.

So for me & the hubster (Russell) it came up with Britell. Meh...

My mom used to call us collectively Brissell (part couple, part carpet cleaner, buy one today!), so nothing else sounds quite right to me.

When I was little we had friends who called my parents Billke (Bill & Elke). Has a rather Swedish sound to it I think.

Here are some fantasy celebrity couples:

Martha Stewart & Osama bin Laden = Marama
Prince Charles & Madonna = Madles
Buckey & Satchel (From Get Fuzzy) = Buchel
George Bush & Hilary Clinton = Geoary
Ann Coulter & Barack Obama = Barann

And for something sure to piss some people off:
Jesus & Mary (Magdelene) = Jesary

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