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Friday, May 18, 2007

Pass On To Ten Friends And You Will Have Good Luck Forever!

I love my friends and family, I really do. But many of them need to understand some basic netiquette rules.

1. Not everyone has the same religious beliefs. Please find out mine before you send me stuff about Jesus / God. You will not convert me with an email, really you won't. After all I don't try to convert you? (Well except with the mind ray connection with Zuul, but the tinfoil hats have put a stop to that)

2. Enough with the dancing graphics. I don't want to see swaying flowers, kissing angels or any more of those fucking Anne Geddes babies.

3. I refuse to forward your email to 5/10/15 of my closest friends. Either they A) send me shit like this themselves and I don't want to encourage them, or B) I want them to continue liking me. The only stuff I forward is the occasional video that I like, and I'm more likely to either post those here, or send friends a youtube link to same.

4. Please, please, please do a little research before forwarding stuff. Most of the shit along the lines of < dying kids with last wishes / threats to my phone line / women getting mugged in parking lots > is a big load. Please check out Snopes (Urban Legends Reference Pages) before passing on this type of information. And please trust me, if I post anything along those lines here (such as the pet food recall), I've done my research.

Not to say that I don't occasionally get it wrong, but I do try to check my facts. The only BS I post here, is intentionally so, and meant as humour. FYI, snopes is easy to use, but the search box is not in your face. Look for the magnifying glass on the lower right side. Also check out their photo gallery for some interesting / weird / funny stuff.

And just to push the point, here is a flash video that makes the point better than I can: Soapbox

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