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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Century In Video - 1917

Hot trendy fashion - 1917 style!


New handbag, or strangled chicken?


I guess they couldn't find her size. Notice how her foot is almost oozing out the sides of those painful looking shoes?


I finally got fluffy to stay!


This is my Walkin suit. My Christopher Walkin suit. It's torture to wear.

When you watch the video you have to wonder if A) The model was in a great deal of pain, or 2) They hadn't figured out the catwalk yet.
(And yes I KNOW Mr. Walken spells his name with an "E". Shut up already!)


New for 1917 - Acorns with mosquito netting.


Aways - Extra protection for your "delicate" areas.


Uhmmm, madam? Zee gown iz stuck in zee knickers.


And some things just don't change much over time. Take off the buckle and you could buy these now

And here is the actual video. I warn you, you will be in sympathy pain by the end.

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