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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Simon Tofield of Tandem Films is a brilliant filmmaker.

I just hope he continues with his wonderful cat cartoons.

More of his work is available via the Tandem link above, but these two are my favourites.

Note: I can't link directly to his stuff. Go to site and then click on the "directors" and his name on right side of screen.

Y'all may know this first one. Came out a few months or so ago and was a big hit. I thought I had already posted it, but apparently not... (at least I can't find it!)

And here is his newest with the same friendly, loving cat :-)

And remember, you may think you own your cat, but you're wrong!

Added bit:

Nothing to do with the above. Except it's a cat video and it's demented and I love it!

I like to call it "Big boobed kitty eats Tintin"

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