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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Awwwwsome Cams

Would you like a side of cute with that?

There are literally one zillion animal webcams out there, and they are easy to find. Google helps, but I like to use directories. Here are some individual webcam sites I visit often, as well as some of the cam directories I frequent.

And here are a few animal related cams that you may enjoy.



Found this one a few days ago via Cute Overload. Enjoy the cute little kitties at Live Lion Cub Cam!

catcam brings you cats in the kitchen. I see the cat, I also see the filthy floor. Nice.



Here is the Puppy cam from The Halifax Humane Society (In Florida, not Nova Scotia). Check out the archive for a full days worth of puppy action, and the hall of fame for the cutest of the cute.

Wild Animals


I love this one: The National Geographic Society's WildCam Africa. This is a very high quality cam on the Northern Tuli Game Reserve. Also has sound.


The wild animals of Florida are featured on the Live Duval Street cam on the main drag of Key West. Best time to watch is when the bars are closing. Earlier in the evening watch everyone try to stay upright at the Hog's Breath Saloon.



Well duh, of course this category needs to be included. Although I could only find one cam. It'll have to do.

These guys seem to sleep a lot.

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