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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Touch My Pen & Lose Karma Points

I have a number of pens at work at any one time that I really enjoy writing with (well as much as I can enjoy writing with any pen). These are usually "found" pens and so free. But because they are found they are usually irreplaceable.

They usually have some sort of advertisement on them. Currently on my desk:

  • - info technology supply ltd

  • Enterprise Project Management

  • Several pens from the now (unfortunately) defunkt Canadian Health Network

  • City of Vancouver - Human Resources Services - Staff & Organization Development (From city courses)

  • Time for a New Look? - Trushel - Thomson Talent

  • And... and... Yup, looks like my very fave (from the US Navy of all places) is MIA.

See the problem is that these pens are constantly walking - with the assist of other people. Not on purpose - but still.

I have in the past put stickers on my current favourite pen. This post's title is being used right now to warn people away.

Well I think I found a solution via Unshelved. Pens that no-one in their right mind will want to borrow. I bring you the perfect pen:

Buy them at Perpetual Kid and be prepared for a lot of odd looks.

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