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Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'z On Your Computer Makin Da Wurdz

Apparently this is an actual problem. I know that my old cat used to like sleeping in top of the monitor, but I don't remember him sending email - Although I did wonder about all those free Pounce coupons that came in the mail.

Well if you suffer from typing cat, there is a solution.

Introducing PawSense. A program that teaches your computer the difference between your typing and your cat typing. If it detects the cat it disables your keyboard and plays an annoying sound, thereby reducing kitty errors to your PC.

A screenshot:

Although it seems to me that cats like printers and monitors more than keyboards.


And my Favourite.

Of course Brat doesn't need a computer, she goes outside to check her p-mail (Badum Dum!)

I think cats are generally more interactive with things like computers than dogs are. Although this dog is quite curious. (Reminds me of our old dog Baily)

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