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Saturday, June 09, 2007

We're All About Tight Security

One of the goals for all Vancouver Public Library work units is to review our security manual to make sure all employees understand the various policies and procedures.

In the two departments I work in, Newspapers & Magazines and Special Collections we've been photocopying pages and explaining them to other staff during meetings... Fun, fun, fun.

Well a group of our branch employees known as the "Balding Boys of Broadway" (from the Mount Pleasant Branch have taken a different, unique approach.

They have (and will continue I assume) produced a series of videos demonstrating different VPL security concepts.

They have music, but no dialogue, so speakers are not necessary. Although I do thing the music does add a nice surreal touch.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Security Man ...ual. Funny, funny shit.

Note: You won't need a deep knowledge of library operations to get these videos as the concepts hold true for any customer service operation.

Note II: I'll update this entry (or add a new one) as new videos become available.

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