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Monday, March 26, 2007

Not For The Sober

To start you off, have a Beer

You're gonna need a drink or six to stomach this GOP piece of shit:

The really sad thing is that I wasn't that shocked with the video. This type of "political" advertising seems pretty normal these days. I particularly liked the end bit with the Cleaver family smiling and driving away. Do you really think the Cleavers would have let Vernon Robinson live next door to them, never mind vote for him in an election?

How can you tell that Canadians are too broke to make their own ads?

Of course it's wishy washy as most Canadian political advertising and doesn't pack the punch of the original. (I don't like the original, but at least it's a bit different)

Also, I can't speak to Hamilton hotel rates as I've never stayed in one there. But pretty well anywhere else I have stayed $99.00 wouldn't be considered expensive for a room.

Did you enjoy that beer? How about some drugs? No, really have some drugs - after all they are endorsed by the BEST president American ever had!

(via MamaPop!)

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