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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Apple Smapple

You gotta admit that the iPhone is a pretty sweet toy, But I'm not likely to ever own one.

For one thing, if and when it comes to Canada, it's not likely that Fido will be the provider. More likely it's going to be Rogers. Although with a little ingenuity you can hack the phone to work on any network. New Jersey teenager George Holtz provides instructions on his blog.

My second big issue with the iPhone is the size. I haven't seen one in person, but all the video footage makes it seem a bit too big for my hands. I have short fingers and holding something the size of a Palm Pilot against my ear for any length of time would probably be uncomfortable. The (discontinued) Z200 I have now is a piece of shite, but I do like the size.

Third problem: $$$$$$$. I can't justify spending the $500-$600 price tag for a phone. Of course that's the price in the U.S. - god knows what it'll go for here.

But it doesn't matter anymore. Remember the Zune? No? Well it's the Microsoft equivalent of the iPod, only cheaper and (so I've heard), crappier. Well now Microsoft has come up with their own version of the iPhone called the zunePhone. It is a thing of beauty and I'm sure to get one if and when they are available here.

I introduce to you - the zunePhone:

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