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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Strike - Day 13

7:50 am - It's August. Why are there so many people on the train? At this time of year I expect to get a seat. Shouldn't everyone be on vacation? Maybe if I stand in the middle of the train and announce "I have new socks!"...

8:30 am - Coffeeeeeeeeeee!

9:20 am - Everyone is signing up for their picketing shifts this week - chaos reigns.

9:40 am - Overheard in the (smelly) loo "As a taxpayer I think they should shut down all the libraries because everything is on the Internet". I noticed that this gem came from one of our regular Internet patrons.

10:40 am - Deanne entertained us for five minutes when she gets tangled in her yarn. Knitting is very popular on the line. I'm working on a pathetic blanket.

11:15 am - Walkie, walkie, knitty, knitty, drizzle, drizzle. brrrrrrrrr.

12:20 pm - Well I was going to try for eight hours today, but it's still raining and my feet are too cold... Fuck it, I'm going home. Tomorrow I'll wear socks, (but not new socks!)

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