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Monday, August 06, 2007

A Century In Video - 1907

Just to reassure you, no you're not having acid flashbacks.

I present to you a dancing pig. Not a real dancing pig but a terrifically realist costume.

The description from IMDb has this to say:

This utterly delightful Pathé short must have produced a chorus of giggles from younger Parisian moviegoers. Released in 1907, the four-minute film presents nothing more than two dancers, passing through a curtain to perform on stage. One happens to be a pretty young girl dressed in the style of the Folies Bergère. The other is wearing an enormous tuxedoed pig costume, complete with large rolling eyes and protruding tongue... (read more)

I have no idea why this film was made, but I suspect that movies were still such a new idea in 1907 that anything that could be filmed (and viewed by an audience) was. Sorta like when I got my first scanner, I scanned everything in the house that would stay still long enough. Please note: Dogs do NOT like being scanned!

Well I hope you all enjoy this delightful little short film:

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