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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Strike - Day 7

Talks were resumed today with the employer. A new proposal was presented by the union and the employer will respond next Thursday (August 9). So we will be on strike until then at least. For more details see this CUPE 391 blog entry

On the picketing front. I wanted to share some wonderful strike pictures with everyone. These were taken by a couple of co-workers of mine, and I think they are gorgeous. Here are a couple of my favourites:

"Who ordered the pastrami with coleslaw?"

My front peg is so far ahead, it's on the north plaza..

Thanks muchly to James & Annie for allowing me to post these wonderful pictures.

For the rest of their strike pics please visit this page

I myself spent the morning at Champlain Branch. I've never worked at this branch, but I thought it would be nice for a change of pace. Got to meet a few new people and some enjoyable conversations.

Here's a few pics:

Outside the library
CUPE 391 Strike - 2007

Happy, smiling, strikers
CUPE 391 Strike - 2007

Setting up camp
CUPE 391 Strike - 2007

The afternoon was spent back at Central. There were less people than I've been getting used to seeing, but that could be because the morning picketing shift is more popular.

However the turnout wasn't bad.
CUPE 391 Strike - 2007

Except for the bird that attacked us (I supplied baby wipes for cleanup)
CUPE 391 Strike - 2007

CUPE 391 Strike - 2007

And we had a fair showing in the small mammal category
CUPE 391 Strike - 2007

And lastly but certainly not leastly. Here is a clip from the channel M 9:00 news last Thursday (July 26). It took me this long to edit the clip down from the one hour broadcast. I spent a couple of hours on the computer last night looking for (free) software that would convert dvr-ms files to avi files, only to discover that my ^%$%$#%$ computer already had software that would do that for me. So here it is. Quite short (1:42) and mostly in Mandarin, but with a few English sound bites.

I'm actually on it (I'm famous, I'm famous!) and the screen grab I posted a couple of posts ago proves it. I post it again just to be annoying:

CUPE 391 Strike - 2007

And here is the video clip in all its fascinating glory

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