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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Graphic Humour

I'm afraid that even at my advanced age I'm a big fan of I Has A Hotdog! and I Can Has Cheezburger?

Well the producers of those two sites have another site that I just discovered: GraphJam: Pop culture for people in cubicles.

Basically it's a site full of graphs. Bar graphs, Pie Charts, String charts, charts that I don't have a clue what they are called. But unlike your economics 101 class, these charts are entertaining.

Most refer to pop culture (hence the name), such as song lyrics, or movies. Others seem to be created by people that are pissed off at something.

If you're anywhere around my age it should take you all of 5 seconds to figure this one out:

Looks like this person spent the night at a really dull party:

funny graphs

I couldn't agree more!:

song chart memes

Many of the charts have a "See Cheat Sheet" link that leads to a helpful video. Good thing too as it's the only way I got this one: (clicking on charts will take you back to source)

song chart memes

have a look, it's an enjoyable time waster.

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