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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gurgle, Gurgle, Whoosh!

9:15 P.M. update: F.I.X.E.D!

Turns out the whatzit was a titch too short, so the hubster used a nurble to extend the flangoid. In any case: das Wasser ist hier.

~~~~~ Original Post ~~~~~

Well I was going to post something proper tonight. But the main water line broke (maybe), and now I'm only thinking about the potential lack of water for a few days.

Wonder how gross the showers are at work?

In any case the hubster was in the shower when the water pressure died. He went outside and noticed water flowing freely from under the car where the main water shut-off is.

(For dramatization purposes only - not actual break. Like we could afford a back-hoe)

He's now outside draining the water shut-off hole thingy to check out the damage. If we are lucky it's only a connector - Please, please, please, please, please!

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