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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fat Freddy's Cat Has Gone Establishment Mannnnnnnnnnnn!

After all these years there is going to be a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers movie.
I'm not going to explain the brothers to you. If you are part of my generation you have probably heard of them, if not click here for the Wikipedia entry.

The movie (to be released in 2009) is called "Grass Roots" and more information - although not much more - can be found at the Grass Roots Films website. The funniest part of the web page is the investors section. The original comic was very anti establishment.... and now they want your $$$. Please read the "Mary Jane" themed prospectus for more info. (Warning: 76 page pdf file)

Plus check out the author Gilbert Shelton's Home Page for his first strip in 10 years.

More info on the Freak Brothers and other underground comics can be found on the Rip Off Press page.

And here is the real point to this post. Please enjoy the teaser trailer for the movie. Looks a bit Wallace & Gromity - but with weed!

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