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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jules Winnfield - Hockey Coach

I don't watch hockey and never have.

I played floor hockey in grade school, but never developed the Canadian obsession with the game.

I believe that I have watched a total of 2 games in my life. The game before the riot game in 1994 and the women's Team Canada win at the 2002 Olympics in Utah.

However I am a huge fan on the movie Pulp Fiction. A few years ago I ran into this video, god knows where, and shared it with a few of my friends. Something I read on the interwebs tonight reminded me of it, so I thought I would inflict share it with my massive massive audience (last count, there were 4 of you, I love you all!)

Here ya go - and yes it is safe for work, all the naughty bits are bleeped (damn!)

Apparently this video was created for the 2002 Espy Awards

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