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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Strike - Day 54

It can be really difficult to find any humour in this endless strike, so bless Harvey McKinnon @ the Georgia Straight. His on-the-mark article about Sam Sullivan certainly put a smile on my face and also answered many questions for me. Take it from me, this article isn't really any less factual than some of the other media coverage, or the city press releases.

Have a read:

Commentary: Sam Sullivan's strike strategy.

I don't have much else to report since we are under media blackout, but I can point you to some strike related literature if you're interested. Have a look @: Pay Equity: A Bibliography (doc file).

There are some older (but still important) documents on the CUPE 391 subpage: Bargaining Resources under the heading "first reads".

The weather today added another personal incentive to want to get back to the job. I spent the day @ Champlain Branch and although we didn't get much more than a drizzle, it was cold, cold, cold! I'm sure someone from the prairies would laugh at me feeling cold at 14ish degrees, and they would be correct. But I am superwimp and DO NOT like cold. Plus with the dampness and a good brisk breeze at times, it felt colder than it was. The thunder and lightning were cool though.

Tomorrow I'm wearing a down jacket, fluffy hat, sweats and hiking boots. Anybody want to guess what the weather will be like?

Keep sending us your good wishes everyone and lets hope I'll be back to work before my retirement date (March 1, 2030)

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